Nature is a short film written and directed by Elizabeth Fermanis and co-produced with Simon Trevorrow and Meleesha Bardolia. The film was completed in March of this year and is currently being submitted to film festivals. 


Ingrid, a young Swedish woman, and her boyfriend, Jamie, drive down the rugged Australian coast to visit Jamie’s mother, with the intention of breaking the news of their recently discovered pregnancy. Once there, however, Ingrid suddenly becomes reluctant to tell her eccentric mother-in-law about the baby and Jamie suspects she is having second thoughts. Ingrid’s anxieties about the pregnancy are heightened even further when a series of unsettling encounters with the natural environment causes her to feel more and more isolated and fearful of the future. 

Featuring beautiful black and white cinematography by Amy Dellar, sound design by Livia Ruzic and music by Craig Fermanis, Tamil Rogeon and Sam Anning. 

Starring Annie Thorold (Ingrid), Francesca Waters (Lucy) and Tom Halls (Jamie). 

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